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Journalist in Tbilisi Recieves Warning About Threats


May 5, 2017 -- Prominent journalist in Georgia Eugene Jokhidze, who is the acting editor of magazine and Vice-President of Independent Association of Georgian Journalists has reported receiving warnings from the state official who asked to stay confidential. According to Eugene Jokhidze, source who is high ranking official wrote him via facebook that journalist might be under serious threat, including physical attack or arrest. Warnings came soon after abduction of Azeri journalist Afqan Mukhtarli from Tbilisi on May 29.


Eugene Jokhidze might be targeted due to his critical reports about special forces, including blog post where he talked about insecurity of journalists and problems related to the protection of state borders. In article published on he wrote about the need of changing the Head of state security service. Article see here

Jokhidze also participated in rally in front of Security Service, demanding resignation of Head of Security and release of Azeri journalist. Independent Association of Georgian Journalists address International Federation of Journalists and other human rights organizations to intervene into the situation and provide all possible support to Eugene Jokhidze for his protection. IAGJ also called prosecutors office to start investigation.